Business data management software is considered as the most successful business management solution today

As the economy is getting more and more integrated, the open market and foreign companies are pouring in, businesses are looking to improve their competitiveness. The application of a software management system is a way for businesses to increase their business capacity, sales, and profits, and reduce costs. Business data management software is considered a successful business management solution today.

  1. Electronic Invoice Software

The electronic invoice includes an export invoice; VAT invoice; bill of sale; Other invoices such as stamps, tickets, cards, insurance premiums, airfreight receipts, receipts of bank service charges, etc. Electronic invoices are the collection of electronic data messages on sale. to make, send, receive, store and manage by electronic means and have the same value as traditional paper invoices when it satisfies all data such as invoices transmitted the system. Using electronic invoices, the customer does not have the risk of preserving and archiving invoices, avoiding the loss of invoices or breaking the invoice. For customers who use e-invoices, they can support the business administration of enterprises. They can look up invoices, make payments, declare tax quickly, simple and convenient.

Electronic Invoice – Great Benefits for Businesses.

  • Referring to the advantages of electronic bills cannot fail to mention the fast, save time as well as minimize administrative procedures cumbersomely. With traditional invoices, it takes businesses up to 2 weeks for the invoice to be approved. Not only that, every month, businesses need to allocate manpower and time to prepare reports on the use of invoices.
  • In terms of aesthetics, electronic bills are presented more easily, more professional than the traditional paper receipt. When there are faulty parameters, the bill invoice creators will have to clear or invoice the new invoice, the electronic bill, just simple editing, very nice.
  • Electronic invoices provide a variety of convenient and diverse ways to send invoices to consumers such as email, SMS, zip or even USB. All of these methods are fast, safe and economical. The advantage of using electronic invoices is that they are fast, safe, accurate and cost-effective, helping electronic invoices gradually replace traditional invoices, affirming their strong position in business. as well as consumers.

Business data management software is considered as the most successful business management solution today

  1. Human resource management software for enterprises

Is your business facing the efficiency of using the productivity of the manpower it owns so low? Do you want to change the management of human resources to maximize internal resources and improve the efficiency of business operations? Human resource management software will help you solve those problems. Human resources management software is the most comprehensive human resources management solution, supporting the human resource management department with outstanding benefits:

  • Business: The software runs on cloud technology integrated with Business Intelligence technology to help enterprises deploy quickly, flexibly and save operating costs. Professionalize the process of corporate governance, improve productivity, reduce costs and time to operate, maximize the productivity of human resources.
  • At the management level: professional work management, time-saving, development assistance and effective talent retention on the basis of safe, confidential information.
  • With staff: firmly grasp the business information, understand the scope of work, orientation of capacity development.

He came out with a user tracking system and data encryption that allows administrators to control data security and tight security during data manipulation and backup. Information subsystem for employees and leaders using mobile technology to meet the needs of accessing personal information anytime, anywhere.

  1. ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning is an information technology solution that integrates entire business management applications into a single, automated system. Management processes. The workload in planning and using enterprise resources account for the bulk of the enterprise’s operations, so ERP is a very large software system. Many ERP solutions only perform functions within this scope. With ERP, all your company’s activities, from human resources management, production line management, and material supply, internal financial management, to sales, product marketing, partners, customers … are implemented on a single system. ERP is considered the most successful enterprise management solution in the world today. If you are successful in implementing ERP, you will be able to save costs, increase your competitiveness, and increase your chances of growth.

The benefits that ERP brings to business:

  • Increasing labor productivity is one of the biggest benefits that small organizations receive in the enterprise ERP software. Because labor productivity directly affects the profitability of every business, every size of business. With ERP, business data is shared clearly and precisely among different units in the unit, helping each employee save time on manual work, waiting time before receiving information. they really need.
  • Operation costs are one of the key drivers of all units, especially small and medium ones. By using ERP, unifying data flows, limiting the amount of manual work, cutting jobs, effectively controlling employee productivity, and operating expenses to fund long-term business. bigger.
  • ERP also helps businesses evaluate the customer focus area, evaluate the types of services that customers prefer to use … In addition, ERP brings many other benefits with the features such as development The ability to purchase, order or subscribe to online services, coordinate all prices for projects, monitor, manage and use assets, determine the rights and responsibilities of each participant system.
  1. MES factory production management system

The MES factory operating system is abbreviated by Manufacturing execution systems. This is a control system for managing and supervising work in the manufacturing process at the factory. This system is designed to improve productivity and reduce production cycle time, save costs, professionalize every step of production, etc. MES can be combined with ERP for management of The factory can ensure the distribution of quality products, efficiently and in time. MES monitors all production information in real time, receives data from scheduled robots, machine monitors and employees.

Advantages of MES

  • Deploy MES system solution into the enterprise, to get a connection system as well as provide special two-way savings control. Reduced: wasted, bug fixes and cancellations, faster boot times.
  • Accurately capture data on costs: personnel, equipment damage, machine downtime, equipment, tools to enhance quality management or trace the origin of products.
  • Support for paperless work.
  • Faster and more efficient response to changes with an extremely intuitive control panel, displaying all real-time data in the production or disposal process, right in the moment of production. export.

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